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  • Are you wanting to get on board with the world’s fastest growing beauty trend? Here I will take you through my 10years of experience in the lash world, share how I grew my home-based salon into a multi-technician location by offering the best in hand crafted bespoke Russian Volume. I'll teach you how to analyze someone’s face to choose the most suitable styles, share my most popular products that I have developed over the years in my kits and show you how to lash your clients sustainably (without lash damage) over years so you can create raving loyal fans.

  • This course covers all the basics including infection control, permits, my own specially developed Magic Triad technique, how to find what works for you with tweezers and adhesives, how to set up and run your business. It also goes into more advanced details like the different fanning styles, how to analyze a client’s eye and face shape to create the most flattering looks which will keep your clients coming back for years to come and telling all their friends about you! As a zero-damage salon we will also teach you how volumetric calculations are used to create a sustainable and damage free set, meaning your clients can safely wear their lashes 24/7 without damage.

  • If you are busy or prefer to learn at your own pace then the online academy is perfect for you! This information is available to you over a 2-year period meaning its perfect for busy mums or someone wanting to set up a side hustle. Kit options for the online training include either a Deluxe, or Mini kit depending on preference and budget.

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Benefits of Lashes On Point online training academy

Learn the art of Russian Volume in the comfort of your own home at your own pace with our industry accredited academy!

  • Lash Inc. accredited academy

  • National Association of Lash Artistry certified Educator Nina Andrews brings her own unique style and 10yrs of experience.

  • Learn how to take charge of your financial future working your own hours in the most popular beauty trend.

  • Learn how to hand craft bespoke Russian Volume sets that suit your clients eye, face, cheek and brow shape to create raving fans.

Academy testimonials

Check out our amazing reviews for our Academy so far.

by Stephanie Seal

"Amazing Opportunity"

by Stephanie Seal

I got the most amazing opportunity to join Nina in her beginner Russian volume training. I can confidently say that this is such an AMAZING course. Nina was such an attentive and passionate trainer, making sure her students have everything we need to become our very own LASH BOSS ! I couldn’t thank Nina and the team at lashes on point, enough for the knowledge you have shared THANK YOU
by Gretchen Wither

"Time and money spent for the course were all worth it!""

by Gretchen Wither

I would highly recommend lashes on Point salon to everyone who wants to have perfect set of lashes and most of all, this business is just so perfect when it comes to a lash course. Nina is so excellent in sharing her knowledge about lashes. She’s covered everything in that 2 day course. Time and money spent for the course were all worth it! Everything was pretty straight forward. She makes everybody feel all welcome at her business! , Just perfect! 5 out of 5 stars ⭐️ or maybe 10? If there’s any.
by Emily Sawyer

"I walked away with a wealth of knowledge"

by Emily Sawyer

I recently took part in Nina’s advanced Russian volume course, I can’t recommend her course highly enough! Nina is so generous with her knowledge and time spent on each individual as she only has small classes, she answered any questions I had, boosted my confidence when I was having doubts and guided me the entire two days! I’m forever greatful! I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and the skills to be able to lash confidently and so much more. Thank you so much Nina
by Matina Carelli

"Nina is absolutely amazing"

by Matina Carelli

I did my Volume lash course at lashes on point academy and I absolutely loved it, Nina is absolutely amazing she will answer any questions you have and fill you up with so much knowledge about everything you need to know, I’m so excited about my new lash career thanks to Nina and all the staff at lashes on point you guys are truly the best xx Amazing results
by Leonie Rogers

"The greatest investment I’ve made in my career to date"

by Leonie Rogers

I recently did the Advanced Russian Volume course with Nina, and I can’t recommend her course highly enough!! The greatest investment I’ve made in my career to date. Nina is so unbelievably generous with her information and time, she was by my side answering my every question, boosting my confidence and guiding me the entire 2 days! Nina has given me every bit of information and tool of the trade I could possibly need to be successful in this industry and I couldn’t be more grateful to her. If you are a lash technician wanting to take your skill and business to the next level, don’t wait any longer and book in with Nina at Lashes on Point Doreen!

NINA ANDREWS is a Senior Expert Journalist for Lash Inc. Magazine

"Lash Inc. is "the" lash industry magazine for lash artists distributed throughout Australia, UK, USA, Spain etc. producing educational industry specific content for lash artists around the globe. " -Lash Inc. Website

NINA ANDREWS is a NALA Certified Educator

"To earn the NALA Seal of Accreditation is the equivalent of a restaurant earning a Michelin Star. This globally recognized accolade is an item of great esteem and is not granted to just any training course! Accreditation is the tool used to monitor, assess and evaluate the quality of education a student receives at a lash training facility. Accredited programs voluntarily hold themselves to a higher standard. This form of peer evaluation is good for lash academies, its good for students and its good for the lash industry. Because of the process of accreditation, students can trust that the education they receive will be valuable. ​ NALA serves as an International Accreditation Agency for lash training courses and specialized lash programs in beauty training schools. NALA follows the AAAC (Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada) "Guidelines For Good Practice"". -N.A.L.A. website​

NINA ANDREWS is an Industry Leader and Affiliate of A.R.L.A

"Lash Vision Brings you ARLA, we recognise that our incredible industry is so desperately needing something that defines safe lash artists and educates consumers on how to define those standards! More than this ARLA is making moves to educate consumers. The ones wearing the lashes, those who need it the most. The ones paying and wearing lashes!! Nina Andrews is a registered industry leader of A.R.L.A 2019 helping to internally regulate the Australian Lash industry." -A.R.L.A. Website

NINA ANDREWS is a member of the Lash Masters Association

"Here at the International Lash Masters Association, we are driven by a single goal; ensuring clients and experienced lash artists are protected from engaging with unprofessional conduct within the lash industry. Our decision making process is informed by the most experienced in the industry who not only meet, but exceed the benchmark of quality when it comes to providing the service of eyelash extensions. We strive to incorporate regulations to prevent those whom aren't properly trained from servicing clients under the pretence that they are. We believe clients have a right to know about certain standards of care, technique and service and should expect the utmost quality at every appointment they attend. The International Lash Masters Association has been set up and will grow to not only provide advice to clients seeking help with choosing the right lash technician, but to provide a database of approved members who always deliver impeccable service. We want clients to be confident when choosing an eyelash extension technician and believe I.L.M.A will assist in them to do so". -The Australian Lash Masters Association Website

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