Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Russian Volume Introduction
    • 1.0 Before We Begin
    • 2.0 Introdultion
    • 3.0 What is Russian Volume ?
    • 4.0 Different Forms of Lashes
    • 5.0 What are Eyelashes?
  • 2


    • 6.0 Tools
  • 3

    The Magic Triad

    • 7.0 How to choose the products right for you? The magic Triad
    • 7.1 Adhesives
    • 7.2 Tweezers
    • 7.3 Lashes
  • 4

    8.0 Sterilistion and Trouble Shooting

    • 8.0 Sterilisation and Infection Control
    • 9.0 Contraindications
    • 9.6 Troubleshooting
    • Test 1.
  • 5

    10.0 Eye Styling and Mapping:

    • 10.0 The Appointment
    • 11.0 Eye Shapes
    • 12.0 Mapping Your Styles and Why Consultations are Important
    • 13.0 Eye Styling
  • 6

    14.0 Taping

    • 14.0Taping
  • 7

    15.0 Fanning Techniques

    • 15.0 What is the Perfect Fan?
    • Test 2.
    • 16.0 Fanning Techniques
    • 17.0 What is the Wrap?
    • 18.0 Isolation, Stickies and 19.0 Completing the Process:
  • 8

    20.0 Refills

    • 20 Refills:
    • Examination 1 : Show me your fanning skills
  • 9

    21.0 Professional Responsibility

    • 21.0 Personal Care:
    • 22.0 Professional responsibilities:
    • Examination 2: Provide 3 Case studies
  • 10

    Extra Content: Retention Checklist

    • Extra Content: Retention Checklist
  • 11

    26.0 Appendicies

    • 26.0 Example Policies:

Pricing Inclusion

Are you wanting to get on board with the worlds fastest growing beauty trend? Here I will take you through my 10years of experience in the lash world, share how I grew my home-based salon into a multi-technician location by offering the best in hand crafted bespoke Russian Volume. Ill teach you how to analyze someone’s face to choose the most suitable styles, share my most popular products that I have developed over the years in my kits and show you how to lash your clients sustainably (without lash damage) over years so you can create raving loyal fans. The Beginners Academy requires zero experience, priced at $890 AUD (approx. $628.50USD) which includes access to all the online content catered for all learning styles, a hardcopy manual filled with all my experience and 2 years access to our secret online graduates facebook group for ongoing support and industry updates. (We recommend a kit is purchased with this course to get the full experience; we have two choices below)

Beginners Mini Kit

For the budget conscious this kit contains only the essentials.

3 full size trays of our most popular lengths and curls, a 5ml Lady Black Adhesive, mascara spoolies, 5 gel eye pads, 3M ESPE Micropore tape, and a N95 Activated Charcoal filter mask (2 double packs of filters included).Plus our precision tweezers, the straight “Tweezers On Point” for isolation, and my personal favorite the “Go To Gal” as our fanning tweezers. This Mini Kit is a great place to start testing our products and to get started with your course. $160Aud
Link to purchase Mini lash kit

Deluxe Kit

If you want everything at your fingertips ready to start

If you want everything at your fingertips ready to start your exciting new career this is the kit for you! With over $750 value in products for only $550 this is a massive saving. The deluxe kit contains 7 full size trays of 0.07mm Russian Volume lashes in our most frequently used length and curls, our FULL tweezer range so you can find which is the best fit for you. Kit also contains lash palettes, mascara spoolies, flocking tips, adhesive remover, lash primer, gel eye pads, 2 3M ESPE micropore tapes, N95 Activated Charcoal mask with 4 double packs of filters, selfie light for the perfect Instagram photo from your phone, beauty scissors and nano-mister (USB charging). We also have included our preferred adhesive the 5ml Lady Black, along with a hygrometer (battery not included) so you can study your humidity and temperature to create perfect conditions for optimal adhesive use, so your lashes will last longer and keep your clients telling all their friends. $550Aud
Link to purchase Deluxe lash kit

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